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Vatican Diplomat Recalled From Washington To The Holy See Due To Child Pornography Investigation

The United States Department of State contacted Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's Secretariat of State on August 21 to notify them that one of their diplomats is being accused for child pornography crimes. The diplomat, who is and has been a priest for a long time, was based in Washington. Under the Vienna convention he has international diplomatic immunity as a member of the Vatican's diplomatic corps. The Vatican must consent to any prosecution of their diplomat by the United States. The only action that may otherwise be taken by the United State is to expel the diplomat.

A formal request to have the diplomat's immunity waived was made by the United States Department of State. The request was denied and the diplomat was recalled to the Holy See from the United States by the Vatican. The diplomats identity is currently being kept anonymous by authorities. The investigation against the diplomat is now being carried out by the Holy See and international investigators. The investigation will be to gather more evidence against the diplomat.

In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI made possession of child pornography a crime that may lead to a convicted priest being dismissed from priesthood. A fine of $12000 or less and no more than two years in prison are the other possible punishments under Vatican criminal law. The possession of large amounts, distribution, or production of child pornography may lead to harsher punishment. This is not the first diplomat to be recalled from the United States by the Vatican. This case came along just in time to dampen the Popes "efforts" to reform the Vatican's abuse issues.

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