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Caribbean Islands Have Been Devastated By Hurricane Irma

Just as people were starting to come to terms with the destruction of hurricane Harvey, another extremely powerful tropical cyclone is causing mass death, destruction, and fear. Irma developed from a tropical wave on August 30 near the Cape Verde islands. By September 5 it became a class 5 hurricane. This is the first class 5 hurricane known to affect the Leeward Islands. Islands affected include Barbuda, Saint Barthélemy, St Martin, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands.

Irma is the second major hurricane in 2017 to cause widespread devastation. It now appears that the hurricane threatens Cuba and Florida. Evacuation orders have been given in Florida, especially in the Keys. Gridlock can be expected as there will be many people and limited space. People in the Florida Keys Have been told that if they don't evacuate, they will not have any help and will be alone during the storm. As of September 7th, there has already been at least ten deaths.

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